With Tooltee Premium, you can get even more professional with calculations and budgets. Create an unlimited number of projects with the entire team. Adjust the calculation to your corporate colors. And on top of that, you'll get individual technical support.

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With premium features, the Tooltee captures everything in your business about calculations and budgets. Creating, managing and sharing with clients. Try Tooltee Premium for free and make calculations easily, quickly and professionally.

Calculations in your corporate colors

Customize the appearance of calculations to your business graphics. You can choose any color and add your own logo.

Complete edit history

You have an overview of all its edits when creating each calculation. If necessary, you can easily return to one of the older versions.

Sorting projects using labels

For better clarity in your projects, you can label them. Each of them can have a custom color and a text label.

Creating financial reports

From your calculations, you can create practical financial reports. Just select the selected projects and Tooltee generates a CSV report, which you then open in Excel.

Your own URL

If you're sharing online with clients, why do not you get used to a representative URL? With Tooltee Premium, you get your own address in the format my-name.tooltee.com.

VIP support

Do not you have any advice? Do not hesitate to call us at any time. Together we look at it and find the best solution.

You can also customize your calculation tool in some cases. Let us know what function you would appreciate and we will try to meet you.

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