Tooltee is your way to professional calculations.
What can you meet on it?


All the calculations in one place

On board you´ll find all your calculations all together. Drag & drop calculation to set it as finished or canceled. On board you can also create a new calculations too.


Budgeting the entire project from A to Z

Tooltee helps you create a simple budget with a few items, but also with a complex project that needs to be divided into lots of partial calculations.
You can group items into a thematic block within one calculation. In each, you can work with different units of measure and pricing.

Collaborate with the whole team

You can invite your employees or colleagues to create calculations. Just send them an invitation and teamwork can begin. Everyone does what he / she understands best. At the same time, however, everyone is in the picture of the overall process.


Share across the platforms

Each of your calculations will get a unique URL that you can easily send to your client. But he may prefer another form of calculation. This is not a problem - thanks to Tooltee, you can easily meet it. You can convert your calculations into Word, Excel, and PDF.
If you use Toggl, Trello or Fakturoid, you can also link your calculations to your accounts with these services.

Set your currency

To make it easier, you can choose currency for your project. For every unique project you can choose specific currency as you want. Set your currency, price per hour and let Tooltee count it for you.

Templates that make your job easier

You have several templates available in the Tooltee, which you can use to build calculations. You have pre-set the most frequently used items and thematic blocks in advance.

Mark finished blocks

You can group items for each calculation into thematic blocks. Once you complete one, you can easily mark it as done. At first glance, you will have a great insight into what is still to be done.

Hiding items

You can hide each calculation item with one click. When calculating the resulting amount, Tooltee will not take it into account, nor will your client see it when shared. However, you can return the hidden item at any time back to the game.

Share the calculation with the added text

Once you have shared your client with the calculation, you can add your own text to it. In it, you can provide the necessary information about your business, add a contact to a contact person, or add personal thanks for your cooperation so far.

Work with different units

Your calculations may involve very diverse items. Some of them will be charged at an hourly rate, others costing a piece, a square meter or a mile. In Tooltee, you can work with a number of units of measurement when creating calculations.

Give your client a discount

You can set a discount for the entire calculation or for a part of it. Simply enter how much percentage your client has to get cheaper, and the Tooltee automatically recalculates for you.

Set a fee

You can also set an extra fee for each block. You enter a percentage value and the calculation is already set by the Tooltee.

Share whole project

With your clients, you can share either the whole project or just a part of it. For larger projects, you can easily set which partial calculations are for the client's eyes.

Tooltee protects your sensitive data

Your data are save with Tooltee! Tooltee uses the latest SSL / TLS / HTTPS protocols.

If you stop using Tooltee, you will take your private data with you - you simply download it to your computer.

Do you want more? Try Tooltee Premium!

Try Tooltee Premium and get a variety of bonus features.
You can look forward to:

  • Unlimited number of calculations and projects
  • Calculation in your corporate colors and with your logo
  • Unique URL of your calculations (
  • Sorting projects using color labels or text labels
  • Creating financial reports and reports
  • VIP support
  • Possibility of customization Tooltee to the specific needs of your practice
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