Simple board for your calculations

On board you´ll find all your calculations all together. Drag & drop calculation to set it as finished or canceled. On board you can also create a new calculations too.


All in one place

Every project you work on can have many calculations. This way you can easily manage different type of costs for one project at the same time. Calculation itself is separated into single blocks with specific price. The last thing is to set your items and work time.

Invite your team

As soon as you´ve created a new project, you´ll want to invite your team members. In detail of project you can invite as many members as you want, resend invitations and cancel them. After they confirm your invitation you can cooperate and create budget all together.


Share across the platforms

When calculation is ready you´ll need to share it. With Tooltee you can share, export or print your calculation across platforms. Share it with direct link, export to Toggl, Trello or download to Excel and Word. Like it on paper? Print it!


To make it easier, you can choose currency for your project. For every unique project you can choose specific currency as you want. Set your currency, price per hour and let Tooltee count it for you.


Tooltee´s template are pre-prepared calculations divided into blocks for easier start. You can edit this template anytime you want and customize it.

Are we ready?

Every calculation can be divided into separates blocks. These blocks can be tagged as done or not ready. Tagging blocks help you and your team to prepare your calculations on time.

Hiding items

If you're not sure about some item or items you can hide them anytime you want. Total amout is automatically converted. You can show your hidden items again.

Company details

With your calculation you can also share your company details. It's easy. Just check company details option and your clients will see it in your shared calculation.

Multiple unit item

In advanced item option you can choose from diferrent units to cost. Create item with cost per hour, man-day, piece, kilometer, mile, unit or use Tooltee advance option.


If you need, you can set discount for your project. Just insert discount amount in % and Tooltee automatically convert your total price.

Fee or Discount

Every single block can have additional extra cost or doscount.

Share whole project

Every project can have many calculations. With this feature you can easily select which calculations you want to share together in one time.

You are safe with Tooltee

Your data are save withTooltee! All runs over SSL/TLS/HTTPS, the most common and trusted communications protocol on the internet. Your data is yours. If you ever want to stop using Tooltee, you´ll be able to download your data.


Coloured & branded

Create your calculations like a pro. Enterprise edition let you set your logo and colour to mark your calculations with your own custom company branding.


Complete History

You have now total control in history in every project and calculation.



Choose from a colorful palette of Tags and tag your project. You can also customise every tag by text description.


Financial overview & export

You can choose calculations you need and create financial report in CSV format.


Unique URL for your company

A custom URL is a great way how to show your brand and mark your work. Custom url is really helpfull when you are sharing your calculations in public.


VIP support

Do you have some problems and need help? Don´t hessitate to ask us! For your peace of mind we are here almost 24/7.

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